Sunday, February 1, 2015

Welcome to Art with Meyers!

Hello, and welcome to my blog. My name is Erin McCrea Meyers, and I have been an art educator at High Point since 1999. I feel so fortunate to be able to blend my love of art with my passion for teaching. Please check in now and then to take a look at what we are doing in our world-class art department! I can be contacted at

I currently teach Crafts 1, Crafts 2, and Fine Art 3 and 4 Portfolio, Independent Study in Fine Art (Level 5), and Fine Art Sculpture (click the links to the right for more info). 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Katherine McCole Visits HP Artists

A special thank you to former HP art student Katherine McCole ('12), who came in to speak to the Fine Art Portfolio students about her college experience in the SCCC Fine Art Department and Montclair State University. Katherine is currently studying to become an art teacher (hooray!). She showed slides and brought samples of her wonderful artwork to share with the students.

HP Art Takes a Trip to Philadelphia!

Rocky, along with me, Jake Aprile and Ms. Hodgins. Yo, Adrian!
On March 28, we took a one-day trip to attend the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Barnes Foundation. The students enjoyed many classical works of art that they had only ever seen in books or online. They had museum tours, too. We also visited some of the famous landmarks of Philadelphia. Sorry the cheese steaks didn't work out, guys!
Jordan and Claudia debate: Are Readymades truly Art?
Students relax during a museum tour

Monday, February 10, 2014

Success at Recent Exhibits

Congratulations to our students who shined at the following exhibits!

Wallkill Valley National Art Honor Society Invitational:

John Morrissey -Drawing - Selected for scholarship to Monserrat College of Art
Elizabeth Martinez - Painting - Selected for scholarship to Monserrat College of Art
Claudia Fasino - 3rd place - Sculpture Category
Brian Perez - 3rd place - Open Category

Also participating were:
Veronica Bove - Photography
Mike Zukswert - Photography
Alec Hughes - Drawing
Jade Ferrara - Drawing
Sarah Eddy - Painting
Grace Honigsberg - Ceramics
Nicole Helewa - Metal Tooling
'Afraid of the Dark' by John Morrissey
Mt. Olive High School National Art Honor Society Invitational:

Amber Frey -  2nd Place - Sculpture Category
                                             Selected for scholarship recipient for Montserrat College of Art
                                             Selected for scholarship recipient for Maine College of Art

'Tea with a Stranger' by Amber Frey
Also participating were:
John Morrissey - Drawing
Sarah Eddy - Drawing, Sculpture
Corrin Bishop - Painting
Skylar Langenbach - Photography
Mike Zukswert - Photography
Alex Blundetto - Photography
Claudia Fasino - Sculpture
Brian Perez - Printmaking

Sally D. Francisco Gallery at Peter's Valley School of Craft:
Sarah Little - Sculpture
Kathy Goldsworthy - Painting
Sam Lange - Drawing
Jordan Jansen - Drawing
Amber Frey - Drawing
Taylor Malavet - Drawing
Brittany Sciolaro - Ceramics
Brittany Leuthe - Ceramics
Emily Albinson - Aluminum Tooling
Halee Sytsema - Fine Metals
Emmi Uchida - Fine Metals
Mariah Millan - Fine Metals
Lanae Tallamy - Fine Metals
Brittany DeLima - Fine Metals
Alex Bundetto - Photography
Skyler Langenbach - Photography
Delaney Ritter Photography
Mike Zukswert - Photography

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Calliope Selected for Highest Award!

I am pleased to announce that the 2012 edition of Calliope, our school literary and arts magazine, has been selected by the National Council of English Teachers for Highest Award. 417 schools entered nationally, and only 26 earned Highest Award. Calliope was the only Highest Award recipient in the state of NJ. Congratulations to Peter Granville and Courtney Wirths, 2102 co-editors, as well as senior artist Gideon Feo. Ms. Strout and I are extremely proud to co-advise Calliope!

Monday, October 8, 2012

S.A.B.B. Students Against Being Bullied Mosaic Mural

Our annual community art installation completed in June 2012, is a large mosaic mural created by our Contemporary Crafts students. It has been placed outside the main office and is a wonderfully colorful way to greet our visitors coming in through the main doors. The mural design was based on the S.A.B.B. logo, promoting peace among our student community. This work, made of hundreds of carefully placed shards of stained glass and mirror, is a gorgeous example of 'service art' made by many hands.

Senior Mural Project by Gideon Feo and Kaitlyn Texel ('12)

Here is an exciting new mural made up of over sixteen ceiling tiles. This giant puzzle of color can be found right outside the Media Center, which is filled with books - the perfect place to let your imagination wander! This very large acrylic paint creation, which is a modern twist on Alice in Wonderland, was produced as a final senior project by 2012 graduates Gideon Feo and Kaitlyn Texel. Especially interesting is how the artists chose to incorporate the actual light in their work.

My Art Educator Scholarship - Encaustics at Peter's Valley

This summer I had the honor of taking a course at Peter's Valley Crafts Center through the Art Educator's Scholarship Foundation. I chose to study encaustic painting, since I had not experienced this technique before. It was a fabulous course, and I am very excited to share this painting method with my students. Below are some of the works I created while there.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Field Trip to The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ms. Hodgins, Ms. Strout and I recently spent a fabulous day at the Met in NYC with a phenomenal group of Fine Art students. This fun and educational trip was a first-time experience for some of our student artists. What better way to inspire their creative minds than to turn them loose in a museum the size of a whole city block? Although there is always a permanent collection that represents art throughout the ages, there was an especially interesting exhibit on the life and work of Alfred Steiglitz, a highly esteemed photographer/gallery owner who was married to Georgia O'Keeffe. We also saw the museum Christmas tree adorned in all its splendor and glory - always a treat!

Monday, November 28, 2011

High Point Art Gallery is now ONLINE!

I am very pleased to announce that our students' fine art can now be viewed from the High Point home page. Just click on this link:

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Field Trip to Princeton University Art Museum and Grounds for Sculpture

Our trip to the Princeton University Art Museum was taken in Spring of 2011 (just look at that show of tulips!), was one of our greatest trips ever taken. We already have a date set to return this May.
The Grounds For Sculpture, in Hamilton, NJ is beautifully landscaped with a large focus on sculpture and art. What a place to picnic or simply meander through the breathtaking gardens.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stained Glass Project is Complete!

I am very pleased to announce that our large scale stained glass window project is complete, and is now installed in the main office. Please make the trip up to see it - pictures simply do not do it justice. Over sixty students had a hand in this awesome installation.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Principal's Grant Stained Glass Window Project Update

Our annual community project is well under way, and turning out beautifully. Our Tiffany-inspired stained glass window is 2.5 X 3 feet in size, and will grace the wall of the main office with a wood-framed, electrically lit shadowbox. This particular window is made up of roughly 400 pieces of glass, which our students have meticulously cut by hand, ground on a glass grinder to ensure the pieces fit together like a puzzle, and copper foiled. The next step will be to solder them together and line the edges with zinc strips. This has been a huge undertaking, but many hands make light work. Headed by Independent Study Crafts goddess Laura Moser, the project attracted many willing participants. I am overwhelmed by how many students have asked to help with it and learn the fine craft of creating stained glass. It is so great to see students feeling so invested in a process such as this one, and exhibiting such focus and tenacity. It will be a breathtaking addition to our Gallery School initiative.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cross-Curricular Collaboration

It is always really exciting when cross-curricular projects come about, and this one is no exception. Senior Laura Moser created this gorgeous stained glass tabletop using the traditional Tiffany method. Senior woodshop students Matt DiPiano, Mike Laforgia, and Shawn Snyder created the table base for Laura's glass panel, designing it to her specifications. I was amazed by how well the students communicated with one another to finish with such a professional result. And a special thanks to Mr. Dan Muller, who is an exceptional woodshop teacher (and he is always really good about lending me his tools!)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

2009-2010 World Peace Day Art Installation

It is my tradition to head up a permanent art installation of honor of World Peace Day. This year I presented the idea to Ms. Hodgins and Ms. Stanek to have all our Crafts 1 students collaborate on creating a huge ceramic tile mandala to be installed in the main hallway of our school. Of course they were enthusiastic and on board immediately, and we set to work designing it and teaching the kids how to roll out and hand-cut and -carve the slabs. The Fine Art Sculpture students jumped in and offered up their help too! A huge thank you to Katherine McCole who tirelessly grouted and sponged the tiles till 6:30 in the evening! The entire process took about 3 months - just in time to unveil it for World Peace Day. Just look at how gorgeous it is!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Teen Arts Festival at Sussex County Community College

Visual art, dance, instrumental music, video, theatre, and creative writing are some of the elements comprising the 37th Annual Sussex County Teen Arts Festival, held on March 14 at Sussex County Community College (SCCC). The Teen Arts Festival encourages student artists in grades 7-12 from local area middle and high schools to explore and exhibit their talents. Over 40 professional artists were selected to stimulate creativity, encourage artistic exploration, and provide feedback on student submissions. Most of our attending HP art students were selected to exhibit their work at subsequent shows.
Kaitlyn Texel's "All Wrapped Up and No Place to Go" was selected for the State Teen Arts Traveling Exhibit.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Field Trip to Hudson River Valley

An amazing field trip was taken by the Fine Art Sculpture, Honors Art History, Photography, and Creative Writing students on November 22nd, a beautiful and crisp autumn day. We traveled to the Vanderbilt Mansion,the Dia: Beacon Art Museum,

and Storm King, a 500-acre sculpture park.

The bus became lost a few times, but the kids were good sports!